Орден «Зірка ЕРЦГАМИ»

Contemporary Rehabilitation Technologies

International electronic journal for scientific and practical research in the field of traditional Zhenjiu therapy and functional vegetology.

The electronic journal is published on the basis of the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №1861/4 and 2010/87 with the purpose of scientific and practical maintenance of the State program «Two-stage system of rehabilitation of vegetative disorders in children, who live within the zone of radiation (ecological) control of Ukraine». The journal contains the materials of theoretical and experimental nature that have dissertation-orientation character and relation to the issues of the traditional Zhenjiu therapy, vegetative rehabilitation and functional-ecological expertise of the regions with dense child population of Ukraine.

The information about the innovative elaborations on the mentioned trends is registered under the label «School of professor V. Makats (Ukraine, Vinnytsia)». The council of experts does not always agree with the ideas of the authors of publications.

The journal is the structural unit of the Ukrainian national academy of natural sciences (UNANS) and the European center of postgraduate education of physicians (ECPEP).

The fundamental materials of the journal have no world analogs.